Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Another year and another birthday has come by. Alhamdulillah. Thank you, ya Allah for my blessed life and for another wonderful year on Your beautiful great earth. May I have many more years to come. Aminnn...

My birthday was actually last Saturday, on 11th August. It started out wonderfully when one of my BFFs, Sue, whom I've known for almost 30 years came by for breakfast. That was really great. Me Sue, we were just chatting and gossiping away just like we used to when we were girls.

Then at lunch time hubby took us out for lunch at Secret Recipe. But we went to the new one in Mergong, which I have to comment that that would be the last time we'll go there because the service is so slow and they seem to be out of most of their meals. They even ran out of fries. I mean.. hello!! Fries?? It's like one of the main side dish for most of the main meals. Haishhh.... Apparently people say they are always running out of stuff at that particular outlet.

Nadiah was excited because she gets to wear her new dress that she had chosen especially for Raya. I think she looks cute but just look how tall she is now. Soooo much taller than me now. 

After lunch at Secret Recipe, we went next door to Smile's Yogurt for some frozen yogurt. We got a big cup of frozen yogurt with colourful sprinkles and M&M's, and Nadiah refused to share it with us. Just look at that.. pushing away baba's hand, unwilling to share. Kedekut betoi laaa!!!!!

Dinner was supposed to be girls' night out but at the last minute everyone had to cancel, so me and another of  my BFF of 30 years went out the next night, just having a drink and for a chat. Nadiah wanted to follow so I let her. Again she was so excited to be going out at night, which is something that we don't normally do. So me, Nadiah, Wina and Wina's little baby boy, Raees went to Spring's Leaf to lepak-lepak. Nadiah had a good time browsing through the menu and ordering some french fries and ice-cream (only thing that she actually know how to read from the menu :D). We came home at midnight and just missed the meteor shower that was supposed to have happened that night. But no worries.. we saw them online.. heh heh :P


Anyway, I had a wonderful birthday.. all thanks to my beloved family and friends who made it very special indeed.